Securing connected
and mobile services

Workshop: Evaluating NFC Security Strategies – The Role of the SE in the Evolving HCE Landscape

In this workshop, held at the HCE Summit in London on 14th October, 2014, SIMalliance brought together industry experts to discuss security considerations within the NFC ecosystem and the approaches offered by HCE and SE deployment models. The workshop explored how an appropriate NFC security strategies can be identified, based on the unique security requirements of individual NFC service use cases.

The presentations from the SIMalliance workshop are availabile to view below.

1. Evaluating Security Strategies: The Role of the SE in the Evolving HCE Landscape – Michele Scarlatella, Board Director, SIMalliance

2. HCE – How Secure is it? - Steve Pannifer, Head of Delivery, Consult Hyperion
3. Simplifying NFC Implementations: Insight into GlobalPlatform’s End-to-End Simplified Framework - Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform