Securing connected
and mobile services

The Age of the eSIM: Dynamic Security and Connectivity

Remy Cricco, Chairman of the SIMalliance Board, has recorded a podcast in which he explains how the eSIM will address the challenges of today’s connected world – security, flexibility and programmability.

The podcast explores:

  • The key differences between a traditional SIM and an eSIM, and advantages the latter has over SIM cards, including several connectivity profiles embedded in one single SIM.
  • How the eSIM can be leveraged to secure IoT and M2M deployments.
  • The importance of the Secure Element industry, represented by SIMalliance members, and the value it brings to the eSIM ecosystem
  • Why the eSIM must be seen as a “versatile Secure Element”, which will help the cybersecurity industry to detect threats and attacks, secure data transmission between machines and end users, and ensure device integrity.