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WEBINAR – 5G SIM: Maximising MNO Investment in 5G Networks

This webinar, presented by Stephane Jacquelin, Chair of the SIMalliance 5G Working Group, provides exclusive insight into the many challenges, beyond network access, faced today by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) migrating to 5G networks and how the ‘SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM’ addresses them.

Part 1 – 5G SIM: Maximising MNO investment in 5G networks

This presentation explores the challenges that migration to 5G presents to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and explains how 5G SIM technology effectively addresses those challenges.

Released on 23.11.18

3GPP R15 5G SIM card: A definition

This document offers a technical definition of three types of 5G SIM card for the benefit of educating the mobile industry including, but not limited to, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), OEMs, Chipset makers and service providers. It concludes by outlining challenges faced by MNOs and how the SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM can help.

Released on 23.11.18

Part 2 – SIM Evolution: Keeping Pace with 5G Phasing

The continued evolution of 5G is being powered by three key drivers: mobile broadband, critical comms and massive IoT. This presentation outlines how the specific challenges posed by these drivers can be addressed by an evolved SIM, and how additional evolved SIM features would add further value to 5G deployments.

Released on 28.02.19

Securing the Smart Home

This document explores the security and privacy threats created by the Smart Home and technologies and approaches that can be utilised to overcome them.

Released on 27.10.16

5G Security – Making the Right Choice to Meet your Needs

SIMalliance has published a new technical white paper, titled ‘5G Security – Making the Right Choice to Match your Needs’.  The paper analyses functional and security requirements, together with proposed solutions, across five market segments for 5G – massive IoT, critical communications, enhanced mobile broadband, vehicle to X (V2X) and network operations.

Interview with

In this interview with, SIMalliance Board Member Yves Portalier explores the opportunities and challenges presented by 5G, its potential security requirements, and the value that dedicated, tamper resistant hardware may offer in protecting 5G networks and the many new services which will be deployed across various market segments.

An Analysis of the Security Needs of the 5G Market

SIMalliance has published a new white paper, which analyses security needs across four market segments for 5G – Massive IoT, Critical Communications, Enhanced Mobile Broadband and Network Operations – and calls for security to be built into 5G from the outset, to address the varying requirements of these market segments.