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2011 SIM Card Market Review

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2011 SIM Market Review – Global SIM Shipment Figures

The annualized 2011 data* highlights increasing SIM card adoption in North America, the rapid growth in M2M and the first significant shipments of NFC-enabled SIM cards. In total, card shipments by SIMalliance member organizations (who together account for approximately 94 percent of total volumes) were up 11 percent to 4,4 billion cards in 2011.

The webinar addresses the following questions:

– What are the growth drivers of the SIM market?( including a historical perspective)
– What are the new form factors which are taking hold? for which applications & services?
– Is NFC being deployed in volumes? which geographies are leading the mass roll out?

* The data published by SIMalliance are actual shipments. The actual shipments data is sent on an annual basis by SIMalliance members to an independent third party. There is no direct exchange of data between SIMalliance members. The third party aggregates and anonymizes the data so that no SIMalliance member is able to identify another SIMalliance member’s contribution. SIMalliance member shipments represent around 94% of total available market.